How to stay Awake and Focused

How to stay Awake and Focused

Staying awake can be quite hard, especially if you’re a student or an office worker. A boring class with a long lecture can be quite torturous as you try to stay awake during the day, or perhaps you’re going to do an all-nighter as you try to finish your work or assignments. Do not worry, in this article we’re going to list several ways on how to stay awake and focused during the day or the night.

powderKratom powder

Besides for chronic pain or sedative, kratom can be used as a drug for staying awake and focused during class, on a small to a medium dosage that is. Numerous experiences after taking Maeng Da kratom powder are enhanced memory, increased stamina, work as an anti-depressant and the ability to concentrate. Do be careful of not taking too much, as the medical powder from Thailand has it’s own side effects such as lightheadedness, stomach problems, dizziness, trouble sleeping and many more.

Tip: consult to a doctor if you have to take this as it can be quite dangerous if you have no clue about the dosage and everything.

Take a nap

Studies suggest that taking a nap can help a lot to stay awake and focused, plan your nap based on what you need to do. A five to twenty minutes of rest can promote energy and alertness, sixty minutes for improvements in memory, and ninety minutes for creativity.

Tip: to avoid deep sleep, sleep while propping yourself up, as this will make you less likely to sleep longer. And avoid bright and noisy places to nap efficiently.

Do small exercisesexercise

Sitting on the chair for an extended period can cause dizziness and also causing you feel tired more often. Get some exercise, move around in your room for five minutes, as you’re letting your blood circulation going, which means more oxygen throughout your body, especially the brain.

Tip: splashing cold water on your face also helps to keep you awake.

latteDrink some coffee

We all know that coffee is a famous drink for keeping you awake, a lot of people drink coffee in the morning before going to work. Although it sounds great, drinking coffee for a long period will cause your body to build up towards the drink, causing the effect of the caffeine will be less efficient. Our tip of drinking coffee is only to drink it when you need it, like staying up all night for an important project, or for a big event.