How To Fight Cancer

How To Fight Cancer

Cancer is arguably the deadliest disease which one the leading causes of deaths today. It is one of the diseases that also cause agony to the people who are attacked by it. This disease is caused by genetic mutation of the cell DNA thus leading to the reproduction of multiple cells which is witnessed as growth. Cancer is mainly influenced by the type of lifestyle we are living these days. If fact, there are very few cancers that are genetically inherited.

This disease normally takes to start showing otherwise one can cure it if screening is done at its early stages. However, much the health sector has advanced we there is little that the doctors can do to save a life at the last stages. Additionally, there is little that is known about cancer. We can still fight this disease if we check on our lifestyles and other factors like diet among others.

How to fight cancer


You should take a balanced diet not only to fight cancer but for the general health of your body. In fact, there are meals the help to fight or prevent cancer. There are specific foods like the herbs, nuts and even lentils. Regular vegetable and fruit intake help to increase your ability to fight diseases. One of these diseases that are fought is colon cancer. You should avoid preparing meals using the microwave. Research shows that meals prepared from a microwave can greatly expose you to cancerous cells. Furthermore, you should avoid factory processed products like milk, eggs, canned meat, fish, beans or cheese. Also, avoid any genetically modified meals.


Avoid smoking by all means and if you smoke, try to stop. Avoiding smoking in front of other people is good. Lung cancer is ranked as the most common cancer in women and men. You drinking habit should also stop voluntarily for the sake of your organs. Excessive drinking of alcohol causes stomach and other types of cancers along the alimentary canal. It is also associated with the increased risk of developing breast cancer which is common in women. If you are a pregnant woman, you should not drink at all. Some people drink spirits which can cause ulcers; this will later develop into a stomach cancer.

Regular exercises

Having a strict exercise routine will boost your body immunity which can easily fight any cancer much better. You can resolve to be jogging, walking or swimming to keep your body fit. However, you should just do simple physical activities regularly. Never compete with other people, just do it for you. Keeping your heart healthy helps to increases your body’s ability to fight and win over cancer.

Your attitude

Living calm and a stress-free life is a win. You can achieve this by avoiding conflicts and indulging in things that can compromise your peace of mind. Avoid swearing and also quarreling. Always create time for yourself. Do not get bothered by things that are beyond your ability to change them, instead focus on your physical, emotional, intellectual health. Try also to differentiate between positive and negative thinking. Cancer being listed among the biggest health problems around the globe, you should be positive that you will win over it.