What is acid reflux and how to deal with it

What is acid reflux and how to deal with it

If you are reading this article, it means that you have experienced a chest pain which is also called heartburn. What it could be is acid reflux which is caused by the acid which is produced in your stomach coming up through your esophagus.

When you eat, the food passes through the esophagus which in normal conditions would close afterward. However, if it does not completely seal, the acid will rise and cause this pain. The condition is known as acid reflux disease or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). You can learn more about it at www.refluxgate.com/silent-reflux-symptoms as there are many types. But here are the most important points.

The causes


Reflux can be a serious condition and cause more side effects if not treated soon. It is caused by many reasons including abnormality of the stomach and eating heavy meals. The most common cause is when you eat and drink foods that are not too healthy or if you are overweight. We all know that people today eat more junk food and drink a lot of carbonated drinks than in the past and this contributes to the creation of a lot of gas in the stomach. If the muscles that separate the stomach from your chest are not strong enough, you will soon start feeling heartburn.



If you are experiencing heartburn or chest pain caused by reflux more than twice a week, immediate attention is required.

Eat right

The first item on the list is to change your eating habits. The time you eat, what you eat and how much you eat need to be given particular attention. Do not eat closer to bed time as when you lie down the food in the stomach will start to flow upwards. Make sure you eat food that is healthy and less in acid. Melons and bananas are great, and so is bread and oatmeal. If you are eating large portions of food always, it is time to cut down. Try to eat 4 to 5 smaller meals during the day which include fruits and other food that are high in fiber and low in acid.

See a doctor

hbvfdcIf you are constantly having heartburn, then you need to see a doctor so that he can prescribe some medication. Do not leave the condition unattended. You will soon find your doctor telling you to eat less and at the right time, and he may also recommend food that will help reduce the amount of acid in your stomach. However, keep in mind that there should be a certain amount of acid in the stomach too.